I asked my Patreon supporters what they thought about Modest Blessings for Modern Times. Here's what they said: 

  • “A perfect book of blessings you didn't know you needed, but here they are, ready to share with others who need them, too!...”
  • “Ms. Cummings is a Dorothy Parker for our time, and her collection of Blessings is perfectly suited for the moment. A chuckle on every page…”
  • “Everyone needs an unapologetically absurd blessing. This is it.”
  • “These are so generous and witty, I want to randomly hand them out to strangers and also not to part with a single one of them…”
  • “These modest blessings are laced with humor that ranges from childhood events to adulthood, and they encompass the modern world, especially during the last two years of a pandemic, during which life is upside down…”
  • “If Dorothy Parker and H.L. Mencken had a child, it would be Quinn Cummings. Each modest blessing is a bon mot...”
  • “I loved this little book of tear-out Modest Blessings so much I gave it away to someone I like a whole lot.  I'm hoping to buy a few more to spread around.  All the little blessings have Quinn's deft comedic touch incorporated into them, and the whole thing is just a lot of fun…”
  • “When reading the Modest Blessings, youll start out nodding knowingly, but after the first few, you cant help but smile. This is a treasure of a book to share with…”
  • “Its like having Quinn in your pocket. But safer…” 
  • “Modest Blessings is a blessing. At first I thought I would not be able to bring myself to remove and share the blessingsbut now that Ive started, I cant stop. What a beautiful opportunity to spread realistic joy in difficult times…”
  • “I love the Modest Blessings! I thought I wouldn't be able to part with a single one, but the joy and laughter others experience with a completely unexpected, but on point blessing makes it a delight to share them.  I'll have to buy several more books.  The world needs more blessings!..”