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Small Stories: 2018-2020

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In November 2018, Quinn decided to write a threaded Tweet about the worst decision she – or maybe anyone else – ever made in professional situation. Over 16,000 retweets later, she realized people might like a small story served up several times a week. Cleverly, she called these Small Stories and since then, she’s created over six hundred little windows into her life.

Small Stories are funny, silly, sometimes sad (but in the good way), frequently uplifting, occasionally embarrassing (okay, more than occasionally embarrassing), and always excellent company.

Recently, Quinn erased all her stories from Twitter and complied Small Stories highlights from the first two years into its very own book, which is right here. Now you can enjoy Twitter in the best possible way: nowhere near it.. Available in paperback (which you should buy here, or if you prefer, as an e-book, which you can get here. 

(Note: you can also buy the paperback on Amazon but the price is the same and if you buy it here, the proceeds support the Santé D'Or animal rescue foundation.)