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* Four-Book Gift Collection

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This collection includes four of Quinn's most popular books:

  • "Notes from the Underwire"
  • "Pet Sounds"
  • "Modest Blessings for Modern Times"
  • "Small Stories / 2018-2022"

Think of it like a tasting menu, a full flight of Quinn's work all wrapped up in a fancy package – and by "package" we mean "clump." These books won't arrive in a fancy package, they will arrive in a USPS box of some sort, but the return label will clearly indicate what's inside so, if you want, you can stick a bow on it before you open it. Fancy enough.

Then you can curl up by the fire (assuming the fire isn't the neighbor's garage), and maybe pour a glass of wine (but probably not red wine because you might snort wine through your nostrils and it will stain the upholstery). Or, if you're not much of a reader, you can leave these books strewn around your home, maybe on a coffee table, a nightstand, or the sex-cult altar in the foyer, because, hey, nothing says "I'm a stylish, erudite and highly respected trendsetter than casually displayed books lying around.

Either way, these books make wonderful gifts and, usually, the person who most deserves a wonderful gift is you.