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Pet Sounds

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Quinn Cummings' PET SOUNDS, is about a lifetime of living with – and occasionally against – domesticated critters. Quinn introduces us to a house cat who yearns to kill everything smaller than a microwave oven; a rescue dog with a hopeless (and one-sided) love of skunks; a cluster of suicidal foster-kittens; a bloodthirsty rabbit and a lizard resurrected from the dead and many more occasionally cute and always furry protagonists.

Hard core pet-lovers and people who are barely pet-tolerant will all enjoy these hilariously droll stories about our quadruped companions. Available in paperback and, if you prefer, as an e-Book

(Note: you can also buy the paperback on Amazon but the price is the same and if you buy it here, the proceeds support the Santé D'Or animal rescue foundation.)